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What all Chinese people have in common is that they like variety. Just as in Indian and Indian cuisines, China also always serves multiple dishes per meal – even on a normal weekday evening. If it is a banquet, then all the stops are pulled out. Since many dishes already contain a sweet element, desserts are unimportant. You won’t see dessert appear on the table very often.


In Europe, we are most familiar with, and love, Cantonese cuisine from the province of Guangdong in the southeast of the country. Cantonese dishes, including chow mein and barbecue ribs, are often slightly sweet. Ingredients are stewed or braised and the sauces are mild because there are not many strong seasonings involved. The aim of the Cantonese chef is to preserve the original taste of the ingredient used, be it meat, vegetables or fruit. Because relatively little sugar, fat or dairy products are used, Cantonese food is also fairly slimming.